Monday, March 14, 2011

China Glaze 2NITE & the earthquake in Japan

I was supposed to work on this post last Friday but recent events have me preoccupied. Meaning, I've been anxiously watching the news since Thursday night. But pictures first.

China Glaze 2NITE, sun

Not much to say other than its gorgeous linear holo from the OMG collection. Two coats without a base coat. I still wish I had ordered more of them. *sigh*

Not much about polish in this post, sorry about that. I'm going to talk about the earthquake in Japan now so feel free to stop here if you want.

When we first heard of the massive earthquake in Japan, Mr. Kitty and I worried about the possibilities and sure enough a tsunami was generated. My heart went out to the people in Japan because here in Hawaii we have seen what tsunami can do.

I spent the weekend first worrying because we were under a tsunami warning ourselves and all coastal areas had been evacuated. I'm fortunate that we don't live near the coast but we know people who do. I didn't sleep Thursday night, partially because of trying to keep up with the news and mostly because the tsunami warning sirens were sounding every hour until impact (there is one near our house). We were lucky here on the Big Island, while there was some damage (and a few destroyed houses) on the west side, no one lost their life. The rest of the weekend I spent trying to keep up with what was happening in Japan.

Mr. Kitty and I have friends in Japan and friends here from Japan who have family still in Japan. Emails were sent and phone calls were made trying to find out if everyone is okay. Its was nerve-wracking as more and more information was made available of the scope of destruction. We finally heard from our friends, which was a relief, but I can't help but feel distraught for all the people who are still struggling. Please understand if my heart isn't in posting right now.


  1. Your nails look beautiful and it's entirely understandable that you should be preoccupied. Here in England such things are unimaginable - they simply don't happen - but it's obvious that the devastation is horrendous. Words are not adequate to express the horror and it is awful to contemplate the extent of the clean-up operation and the consequences of what has occurred.

  2. My heart goes out to you, to everyone who's been affected by this disaster in any way.. this is one of those times the whole planet should come together and reach out to each other.

    I know what it feels like not knowing if ones loved ones are safe, during the recent events in Egypt I had cousins in the demonstrations who risked being shot every day, it's horrible feeling this powerless and unable to help :(

  3. Your nails are gorgeous and I pray for all those effected by the disaster in Japan.

    I hope everyone finds their loved ones safe and alive, although I know most will find heartache in the end.

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