Friday, January 21, 2011

Stash Un-organization

While downloading my backlog of nail photos from my camera, I came across these stash pictures I took the last time I tried (and failed!) to reorganize.

Blogger does not want to accept a rotated version of this. =/

Hmmm...I seemed to have missed two more shoebox containers from under the computer and my train case (which holds my Zoyas and SH Turquoise Opal).

I think someone had asked to see my stash here it is in all it's disorganized glory. I'm having trouble deciding on how I want it organized. Half of me (the OCD half) wants it by brand so all the same bottle shapes are together (and it mostly is...sorta). The other half want to go by color so I can remember what the heck I have. And a tiny voice was suggesting a purge, but she's locked in a closet now. How do you organize? Brand, color or something else?


  1. I feel your pain! Organizing is such a pain!

    I have mind organized by color and then by brand... =)

  2. Ahh I want to dump it all out and roll in it!

    And mine is super disorganized...I have a tower with six drawers in it, and the top three drawers are tried and the bottom half are untried.
    Then, within those groups, I organize according to brand. Brands with bottles that can fit upright in the drawer go in the third drawers, salon brands go in the first ones, and everything else goes in the middle ones. It sounds crazy, but somehow, it works. ^_^

  3. mines are by brand because of the shape of the bottles. If i put the same brands together they have the same shape so they fit nicer together. I have mine in a home made rack, book shelf and opi train case. Ive been wanting a helmer from ikea but it can wait till i fill up the book shelf 1st.

  4. that looks like some boxes of heaven haha
    I've tried organising on color too, but I always come at a point that I don't know which color or finish I should match others with so I just went on to the brands

  5. I organize by brand. I can't do it by colours, because I'm having difficult time deciding on a lot of colours what colour it actually is. :D Like right now I'm wearing an awesome polish, really perfect, but I can't really decide if it's goldish brown, light copper with a hint of silver or ... you see my problem? :D

  6. Wow look at all that stash goodness! I organize by color but now my drawers are just a hot mess

  7. I do brand and thennnn each brand is usually organized by some type of color situation. But I have alot less than you. 150 maaayyyybe. lol

  8. I organize all my make-up (not only nail polish) by colour, because I don't care about brand, so every drawer of my Helmer "contains" a colour, for example: first drawer, black-silver and blue; second drawer, teal-to-mint; third drawer, green and purple, etc. :>

  9. Wow, thanks for your input! I love hearing how other people organize (and not just nail polish). I'm still teetering on which way to go, but I might give the color method a shot since I've never tried it before.

    @Lissi It is painful, but deliciously so!

    @ChaosButterfly LOL! Like rolling in money and jewels, eh? Just be careful of the glass!

    @Shadow I thought about using a bookcase, but I have too many mischievous cats! I'd love a Helmer (or two!) myself =)

    @you nailed it! Yeah, that's kinda where I've been these last few years. Only now its gotten so out of hand I'm feeling overwhelmed just trying to decide what I want to wear and then finding it!

    @Ulmiel I know exactly what you mean! I think that's half the reason I've put off trying to organize by color! Is it a foil or chrome? Does it go in blue or gray? Holo, glitter, and what do I do with the multi-holo-glitters?? Hehe...such agonizing fun.

    @Freshie I think that's how I'll officially refer to it from now on! My 'hot mess'!

    @Lovely Addison Hey that sounds good. It may be a good way to ease me into color sorting, sort of transitionary, lol.

    @Smaltoitaliano I think if I had a Helmer I would feel more comfortable taking the by-color plunge. Maybe its time to hit up my brother for an early birthday present...


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